This page fills the browser with a Google map to allow you to drag it around and zoom in and out to get the best view of the trail in order to print it out.

Printing Using Your Browser

Printing anything useful from web browsers is always a bit of a fight. Depending on your particular browser you may be able to get a usable result just by using the browser’s own print functions (Firefox works particularly well for this – use the ‘scale’ function in ‘Print Preview’ to get the whole map on a single sheet.)

Printing Using Other Programs

If you can’t get a reasonable result from the browser, the next option is to capture the browser display and use another program to print it out. To do this:-

  1. Maximize the map browser window to fill the whole of your screen
  2. Drag the map around and zoom in and out to display what it is you want on your printout
  3. Press [Alt]-[Print Screen] on your keyboard (i.e. Hold down the [Alt] key while pressing and releasing the [Print Screen] button once). This will capture just the content of the currently active window and place it on the clipboard.
  4. Then load an application you know can print-out things which are on the clip-board. For example MS Word, Excel, or Powerpoint all work fine for this. Or use your favourite drawing, photo editing, or desktop publishing program. If you don’t have anything like that which you are familiar with, try using ‘paint’ which comes as part of Windows.
  5. Finally just paste the image you captured earlier into your chosen program and arrange it so it prints out correctly.

Note: Please make sure you keep the copyright message at the bottom of the map visible on your printout.

Torridon Circuit
Length: 28.7 Miles
Ascent: 806 m
Time: 7 hrs
Tech: Hard
Fitness: Hard