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Venue: Pentlands - Castlelaw

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Car Park
Take the Lothianburn exit off the Edinburgh bypass (A720) and head south along Biggar Road (A702). In 0.5 miles, keep right on the A702. Look for a signpost on your right (Castlelaw Hill Fort) after a further 2.2 miles and follow this road for 0.6 miles to the Castlelaw carpark.

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One of many access points to the Pentland Hills.
Note that the Castlelaw Hill Fort is on the edge of a military firing range, I believe red flags mean that the firing range is active, check the map at the carpark.

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Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Castlelaw Loop9.94612 Moderate Moderate

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Castlelaw Loop

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Length: 9.9 Miles
Ascent: 461 m
Time: 2 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Moderate
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This loop starts with a pretty steep cinder road climb up Castlelaw before offering descents down Capelaw hill, the Bonaly downhill trails and finally the Maiden’s Cleugh descent (after a more gentle climb). It’s an ideal route to session the Bonaly downhill trails but still feel like you got a little xc exercise in rather than just parking at Bonaly.

1 – start and end of route at Castlelaw carpark
2 – turn off towards Capelaw hill
3 – first descent down Capelaw…an interesting rocky chute and ruts up to the gate (see 4) and then a short, open descent
4 – gate - watch your speed
5 – short climb to Bonaly downhill trails
6 – start of Bonaly dh trails there are several trails here worth spending some time exploring…there are a couple of bigger lines so worth having a walk through if its your first time or there’s been some major weather
7 – about to get a bit technical…make sure your speed is under control. If I’ve got this number in the right place, this section is very steep followed by 90 degree turn at the fence then some interesting rock chutes
8 – steps down to Torduff reservoir, option to miss on the left
9 – take the gate on the left and then head south up the bank until you find a small wooden bridge also on the left…this is the start of some interesting singletrack, mainly down
10 - Maiden's Cleugh climb
11 – Maiden's Cleugh descent…open, rutted and quick; not too technical but will put a smile on your face
12 – Castelaw return, gate on left

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