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Car Park
Bike Shop
By train, take the Chiltern line from Marylebone, London or Aylesbury. Amersham is also at the end of the metropolitan tube line. By car, take the A404 from J18 M25 or the A355 from J2 M40. There is a large pay and display car park behind the station and an alternative in the centre of the shopping area.

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The town of Amersham is split into two halves, 'Old Amersham' and 'Amersham on the Hill' which is where our routes start. The old town originates from early Saxon times and its prosperity was built on furniture making and its prominence on the coaching route to Birmingham. It was a centre of religious dissent during the 16th century and there is a memorial to the Lollards burned at the stake during the reign of catholic Queen Mary.

Resistance to the new railway by the local landowners resulted in the station being built on the hill and out of sight, much to the detriment of the main town. It arrived in 1892 with the station located in a broad expanse of farmland which allowed the development throughout the early and mid 20th century of the commuter town that exists today. Amersham is just 27 miles from central London and 35 minutes by train. All our routes start and finish from the station.

There are a number of attractive bridleways running from Amersham out to the surrounding small villages which make for easy but enjoyable mountain biking through the farmland and woodland of the surrounding area. The local bike shop is Dees, located halfway up Station Road.

Trails at Amersham


Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Chess Valley Tour12.12862 Easy Easy
Pednor Round16.72492.5 Easy Easy
Summit 65 full course42.97473.5 Easy Moderate

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Chess Valley Tour

Viewed 2379 times
Length: 12.1 Miles
Ascent: 286 m
Time: 2 hrs
Tech Grade: Easy
Fitness Grade: Easy
Av. Trail Rating:
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This is a straightforward but attractive route through local woods and farmland that makes in ideal easy ride for those new to mountain biking, or a perfect short ride at the end of the day. It is based around the attractive Chess valley. The river Chess gives its name to local Chesham and is a rare chalk stream.

The trails can be very muddy and hard going when wet and this should be taken into consideration when calculating the route time. After a long straight bridalway out to Chenies, the route drops into the Chess valley before climbing through the woods to Flaunden. Woodland and farm trails then drop you into Chesham before a long climb returns you back to Amersham. There is little technical difficulty except for the descent down Flaunden Hill which is steep, loose and stepped.

From the station take the minor roads to Raans farm.
1. Go along the track and follow the BW crossing two roads keeping to the top of the woods until you reach Chenies Manor.
2. Go through the gate and round the manor dropping down the hill on road and turning R at the bottom to go over the river.
3. Take care not to miss the turn L through the gate and farm courtyard to ride alongside the stream.
4. Go R up the hill. Can be very muddy.
5. A steep descent to the road at the bottom of the hill. The BW is stepped and the trail gets steeper and loose at the bottom making braking difficult.
6. As the road turns R, go L up on a sharp climb up a farm track.
7. The trail goes R up a farm track and then along the LHS of the hedge.
8. Cross the grass field taking an indistinct BW.
9. As you exit the field, watch the turn R then L to take a lovely descent into Waterside.
10. Turn R under the railway bridge for a long climb up the BW to Amersham and then follow the main road back to the Station.

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I have done this route 5 times in the last three weeks since I discovered it here. It is such a wonderful way to pass 75 minutes. Wonderful fast tunnels of trees, bluebells, big swooping paths, valley... read whole comment...
lumos gave this trail 5 stars about 6 years ago

Pednor Round

Viewed 1247 times
Length: 16.7 Miles
Ascent: 249 m
Time: 2.5 hrs
Tech Grade: Easy
Fitness Grade: Easy
Av. Trail Rating:
(1 votes so far)
This route has an enjoyable combination of woodland singletrack and bridleway linked up with short sections of (mainly) minor road. With steady hills it will appeal to less experienced riders. The trails can get very muddy after rain, especially in the Chesham area where horses chop the trail surface making it difficult to ride.

The trails head out from Amersham through the woods to Hyde Heath and then minor roads and trails take you to Ballinger and the Lee before winding their way back to Pednor. From the pub, a long bridalway climbs out of the valley back to Hyde Heath where you retrace your steps.

Those mountain bikers who like to mix a pint with their riding should drop in on the excellent Queens Head in Pednor but remind themselves that these is a long climb out of the valley after they have finished in the pub!

From Amersham Station.
1. Access over the field is via a footpath but is regularly used by bikers to get to Weedon Hill Woods. You should check access rights with the landowner. Alternatively carry on along Copperkins lane to join the route at...
2. Carry on along the BW through Lotts Wood, an occasional venue for MTB racing.
3. Although mapped as a FP, in fact this is an old lane.
4. L at the junction to go up the hill to Ballinger.
5. L at the cricket ground. There is a gate at the bottom of the decent.
6. This is a FP through the woods but used as a permissive cycle path. You may want to check with the landowner. There is a stile to cross at the end.
7. Sharp L down the short, steep and loose descent.
8. Take care on this steep section of road. The trail goes sharp L at the bottom through the gate.
9. The Queens Head.
10. L off the road to climb up a long BW
11. Rejoin your outward trail retracing your steps.

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Summit 65 full course

Viewed 371 times
Length: 42.9 Miles
Ascent: 747 m
Time: 3.5 hrs
Tech Grade: Easy
Fitness Grade: Moderate
Av. Trail Rating:
(0 votes so far)
65 km ride around the rolling Chiltern hills

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