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Head north from Inverness on the A9, then at Tore take the A835 towards Ullapool. Once through Garve, turn left towards Achnasheen on the A832. The village of Lochluichart is signposted, and Grudie Bridge is about 1km west of the sign for Lochluichart Station.

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Not much here other than a large layby to park in just before Grudie Pridge power station. There is a good village shop in Contin, which you'll pass if you've travelled here from the south.
Squarewheels is the nearest bike shop, in Strathpeffer, which is about a mile or so east of Contin.

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Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Loch Fannich186765 Hard Hard

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A good but tough route through the Fannich mountains
wildhighlander gave this trail 3 stars about 7 years ago

Loch Fannich

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Length: 18 Miles
Ascent: 676 m
Time: 5 hrs
Tech Grade: Hard
Fitness Grade: Hard
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A route through the Fannich Mountains between Loch Luichart and Loch a' Bhraoin.

It's a good idea to leave a car at the north end at Loch a' Bhraoin where you emerge, as there's no real option to loop back to the start other than some 32 miles by road back up and over the Dirrie More, which you'll probably not need by the time you've come down out of the mountains.

A good part of the start of this route is on a single track tarmac estate road, which at worst turns into a hardpacked surface on occassion, but I've graded it hard as the climb and descent through the mountains themselves are quite tough going.

Starting at the layby on the A832, head north onto the Fannich estate / electricity company road directly opposite the layby. There's a small climb to deal with initially but the tarmac surface makes it easy enough to deal with even though you've had no chance to warm up.

When you emerge out of the trees at tag 1 keep heading along the side of the the River Grudie, and ignore the bridge off to your left. Continue up the now easy angled climb to the cottage at Aultdearg, and bear left once you're over the bridge. If memory serves me right the track turns to a hardpacked landrover track here, still easy going though.

Continue up the river towards tag 3, and turn right at the sign for 'Fannich'. The impressively steep sided Garbh Chiore Mor looms above you at this point, as you turn onto the side of Loch Fannich. Continue along the lochside until you reach Fannich lodge at tag 4. At some point between tags 3 & 4 the surface reverts to tarmac again, until you reach the lodge.

Once past the lodge and through the gate at tag 5, the track returns to a hardpacked landrover track, and from here it is a little rougher, with a good bit more 'up and down' than you'll have experienced on this route so far. There's a bit more of a climb as you reach the forested section between tags 5 & 6, but there is a good and unique view of Slioch to be had to the west as you get nearer tag 6.

At the ruined bothy at tag 6 things change rather suddenly to a very grassy trail across the hillside, and unless it's been very dry recently you'll probably find yourself pushing here for a good while ( ie - to the top of the hill ! ). No complaints though as it's been really easy up until this point !

The real climb is between tags 7 & 8, and is a push / carry all the way. There's a hut at tag 7 that might have offered a good shelter at one point to stop off and fuel up for the climb, but unfortunately there's a dead sheep in there now so it's a no go area, take a deep breath and walk past !

The steepest bit of the climb is at tag 8 where the path zigzags back and forth, but this is the last part of the climb, and once out of the zigzags, you can get back on your bike and cycle your way to the top of the pass and get your first view of the descent to Loch a' Bhraoin.

From the top at tag 9 you've got about 3.5km of descent to the river crossing at tag 10. The first 100m or so of the descent is very rough, but it soon calms down a little, and is rideable all the way to the bottom. This is a fairly tough and technical descent, with a lot of stones and rubble to be avoided on the way, so it's not a high speed blast by any manner of means. Still great fun though, especially when there are walkers on the path who can't believe you're cycling out of the hills at that point ! The river crossing at tag 10 is easy enough, you can cycle it in summer, and there are plenty of places to cross if there is more water than I experienced.

Once across the river follow the obvious path towards the bridge at tag 11 at the east end of Loch a' Bhraoin, and continue through the trees to tag 12 where you turn right towards the road and the car park, where hopefully you've left a car for the return route.

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