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Car Park
From Oban drive south for a mile or two down the Gallanach Road to get the ferry to Kerrera. Alternatively, The Waypoint Bar & Grill offers customers a complimentary ferry service from Oban to the restaurant at the North of the island (summer only).

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The Isle of Kerrera is a small, rugged island near Oban. The riding is mostly on unsufaced road, with a few sections of singetrack. The scenery and wildlife are great and mountain biking is certainly the most time-efficient way of exploring the island.

In terms of facilities, you can park your car either in Oban or at the ferry "terminal" at Gallanach. Towards the South of the island, the Kerrera Tea Garden offers good food and has toilet facilties. They also provide accommodation in the way of a bunkhouse and Mongolian Yurt. At the North, The Waypoint Bar & Grill is open 1st May - 30th September and offers not only good seafood, but also free return ferry transport to/from Oban.

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Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Kerrera loop10.34302.5 Easy Moderate

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Kerrera loop

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Length: 10.3 Miles
Ascent: 430 m
Time: 2.5 hrs
Tech Grade: Easy
Fitness Grade: Moderate
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A simple circular loop of the South half of Kerrera with an optional extension to the North tip of the island. Terrain is mostly unsurfaced road, but there are a few km of singletrack.

Upon arrival by ferry from Gallanach, head straight up and over the hill. Towards the end of the descent to Slattrach, bear left when the way forks (tag 1). This will take you Southwards, beginning with a slight climb over terrain which gets increasingly muddy as the gradient lessens, before rewarding you with impressive views West and a short rocky descent to Ardmore.

Here, you pass a small croft on your left then rejoin the road, which will take you round to the Kerrera Tea Garden (tag 2). If you wish to explore Gylen Castle, you can either do so by taking a right from the Tea Garden (signposted) or you can continue North to Upper Gylen (tag 3) and take a detour to the Castle from there (either as an out-and-back or as a loop, as per the route map here).

From Upper Gylen, the road continues North past the somewhat random Kerrera Parrot Sanctuary (tag 4) and back to your start point.

At this point you can either take the ferry back to Gallanach or, in summer, head North for a post-ride meal at The Waypoint Bar & Grill and get the ferry direct to Oban from there.

To do the latter, again take the climb over the spine of the island, but this time turn right at the fork. Continuing along the trail to the right will lead you Northwards, past Oitir Mhor bay (tag 5) to Ardintrave, where the Hutcheson Monument (tag 6) and aforementioned restaurant are found.

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