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From Inverness head north on the A9 and then take the A835 (Dingwall/Ullapool) at Tore. Stay on the A835 passing Conon Bridge & Maryburgh. Take a left on the A832 to Marybank and at the Marybank crossroads head right/west up Strathconon to Milton.

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You will approach Milton on the southside of the R.Conon, but about 1Km before Milton you have to cross over the to north bank. About 0.5Km from the bridge you will see a church on your right, slow down as in about 400m you'll need to look out for a good track on your right. The track goes up to some community recycle bins. Park here, but please don't block access to this track.

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Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Strathconon 127.56845 Moderate Moderate

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Hi, I'd just like to comment or two, Yes the raised walkway at Inver was two planks wide and is now two, I was one of the twenty of so people who widened it, please take care if you use it!! It is a... read whole comment...
mikes commented about 7 years ago

Strathconon 1

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Length: 27.5 Miles
Ascent: 684 m
Time: 5 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Moderate
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A real sense of exploration on rarely visited tracks, accessed from lovely Strathconon.There are some awkward sections, a potentially very difficult river crossing to negotiate and some road sections, but its still a cool route to do.

From the start point at the community recycle bins at Milton follow a good track for approx. 200m to a T junction. Head left/N.W. on a good landrover track and climb up through strathconon wood to the edge of the wood, nothing too strenuous,but pace yourself as there is a second long climb. Follow the landrover track NW for about 2.5Km and then head north for 1Km before beginning a great NW descent into Strath Bran.

At the bottom of the slope head to the ruined farmhouse, Badinluchie. From the ruin head SW to cross the river, you may see signs of an old bridge here. Please note that this may be very dangerous/impossible to cross when the river is in spate. I wouldn't ever consider this route if it has rained heavily within the past 24 hours. I've had 1 epic trying to get accross it and never again!!

After the river crossing follow the track, hard to find initially, to Caiseachan. This track can be quite waterlogged and boggy in places, and in truth a bit frustrating, but persevere. From Caiseachan follow a good track to the A832 and head west to Achnasheen, circa 10Km. There are toilets and a cafe at Achnasheen, though I think the cafe is only open between Easter and October. From Achnasheen take the A890 towards Loch Carron and after 4Km pull into the lay by on your left, by Inver.

At the layby drop down the steps to the bridge and cross it, then follow the raised planks across the wet bog. When I first did it I'm sure they were 2 planks wide, but now its 3, I can't decide if the discrepancy is down to old age or if they really did improve the planks. I'm reluctant to use the phrase Northshore, but it sort of is.

Follow tracks towards Inver and then up to and cross the railway line. The next section 300m - 400m can be a bit frustrating, with several poorer peat based single tracks that can come and go a bit as you ascend them. The track then swings round to the SW as you go through a small area of regenerating woodland. The path from here on in trends SE and can be quite awkward as there are plenty of boggy/mossy sections, parts that will test your pathfinding skills and its uphill. Having said that in drier conditions it is surpsising how much of it is rideable - most of it! After about 3Km to 4Km of ascent the path does improve and you'll soon be at the top. There are some great views to be had of the Torridon hills too, so make sure you take a break at some point.

The track continues with a fun landrover track descent south east, initially on moorland and then through woods, to Scardroy Lodge. From here follow the minor road back to the start, about 16Km.

The route can be done in either direction, though I like it this way round best, despite the boggy ascent on the second/last hill of the day, it just seems to work for me. The first time I did this route I also had a few problems finding the path for the 1.5Km after Inver/rail crossing, but it is there.

Itsa great route, but don't expect loads of flowing trails, you have to work a bit, but it if you like natural Scottish XC with a bit of exploration then you'll probably enjoy it. And i'm not jooking when I say forget it if its wet, the river crossing at Badinluchie is potentially dangerous. Map, good kit and how to use them essential!!!

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