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Car Park
Start at Drumnadrochit using the Great Glen Way. Drumnadrochit is 15 south/west of Inverness on the A82 Inverness - Fort William Road.

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Follow the Great Glen Way from Drumnadrochit south until you get to Altsigh/.

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Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Drumnadrochit39.113987 Hard Hard

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Comments and ratings for Drumnadrochit
Great loop, mostly rideable and even the Loch section is not too bad with half of it rideable on the shoreline. Some really good fast descents.
jfraser gave this trail 5 stars about 6 years ago
cardhu gave this trail 5 stars about 7 years ago


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Length: 39.1 Miles
Ascent: 1398 m
Time: 7 hrs
Tech Grade: Hard
Fitness Grade: Hard
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Start at Drumnadrochit and follow the great glen way up to Bunloit then across to Altsigh.

Drop down to the bridge at Alltsigh then instead of going towards the road bear right up the hill and after 200 metres sharp right again.

The track begins to climb reasonably steeply and after about a mile it splits. The more defined path goes left but you follow the right hand track-you will know you are on the right track if the river is below you on the right.

Continue on this track until it doubles back on itself over a bridge and then to the left-you will see a gate.

The track continues to climb out of the trees and up onto more open country. It contours around the small hills climbing almost continuously until after you cross a metal bridge-which has dropped a few feet on one side, you reach a good land rover track.

Take left on the land rover track and follow this for a few miles with lots more climbing, some gradual some more steep.

Eventually you reach a pass and there is a bit of a descent.

You reach a junction with a big square estate sign at it-bear right here and start to climb some more.

After a few miles climbing you reach another junction (near a water service sign)-bear left here down into a small dip and another small climb which takes you to the dam at Loch ma Stac.

A mixture of biking and walking for a mile along the near side of the Loch-in some places its easier to walk in the heather.

At the end of the Loch you will see a 3 storey house on a small island (ruin) continue past this and you will pick up a faint track heading roughly north.

Stay on this track until you reach a small flood plain-cross this and pick up the track at the other side.

You will then reach the road to the Corrimony wind turbines-take right and have a nice long smooth descent all the way into Corrimony.

Head through Corrimony past the passage grave along the road briefly before picking up a forestry track (just past the old Church and School) on your right (gated).

Follow this forest track (take a left after small climb) down into Shenval, pass the houses then across some fields and you will reach a gate and pick up the Forestry road again.

when you come to a junction stay right and a small climb.

follow the track along, above Loch Meiklie to Balnain woods.

bear right in the carpark then take the lower, left hand track. Climb up past Delshangie and follow the track all the way back to Drumnadrochit.

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