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Venue: Campsie Fells

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Car Park
Barleybank Car Park, Off the A806 road, G66 1JB

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Tour of the Campsies Fells, including Lennox Forest, Meikle Bin, and Birkenburn Resevoir

Trails at Campsie Fells


Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Campsie Ridge31.413364 Moderate Hard

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Campsie Ridge

Viewed 935 times
Length: 31.4 Miles
Ascent: 1336 m
Time: 4 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Hard
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Head off west along the Canal path for an easy warm up until you reach Cadder Church (Tag 1).
Turn Right and head up past the Church along a road which eventuall becomes a dirt track. Follow the track downhill until you rach a house on the right, then go straight ahead along a singletrack path through the middle of the golf course until you reach the river Kelvin and a bridge (Tag 2).
Go over the bridge and follow the path until you reach Balmore Village, veer left at the Village and cross straight over the main road (Tag 3)
Follow the road uphill and round to the right until you reach Tower road (Tag 4).
Go straight over Tower road and up the small track to the right of the white house (you may have to push up some of this path). Climb over the stile at the top and follow the path around to the right and over a small burn until you reach the edge of Lennox forest. Climb over another stile and head up the fire road until you come to a T junction (Tag 5)
Turn left at the T Junction and follow the fire road around to the right. After a few hundred yards, turn right again, and then after a few hundred more turn left. When you reach a left hand bend, turn right onto a small section of single track (easily missed) (Tag 6)
Follow this fast flowing single track hugging the tress on the left until it veers around to the right and enters the forest. Follow the trails down through the forest (some good fun here) until you reach the road. Go straight across the road and follow the next section of singletrack, and across the river, until you come out onto a path.
Follow the path along and turn right and then left onto the old Strathkelvin railway towards Clachan of campsie (Tag 7)
Go through Clachan of Campsie, up the right hand side of Wheelcraft and then into Campsie Glen. Follow the trail up the Glen and around to the right until you reach the car park at Crow Road (Tag 8) - this is a tough wee climb up!
Go through the car park and follow the main road up the hill for a mile or so until you see a fire road on the right hand side (Tag 9)


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Overall comments about Campsie Fells

Thanks @paulj. Eventually completed this in may. Brilliant sunny day so no issues with burn. Did get lost in CV so ended up going down the Tak Ma Doon.
156... read whole comment...
gtlscot commented about 2 years ago
Ok, just went up from Birkenburn reservoir. The burn at 16 is quite passable. I went from 16 over to 13 though, following along the fence, and down by the side of that forest to 13. That last bit is s... read whole comment...
paulj commented about 3 years ago
Also: The other thing I'd be curious about is how cyclable the part is where it turns off the gravel forestry road to go south (and uphill) to 14. That area has all seen a lot of forestry work,... read whole comment...
paulj commented about 3 years ago
I went other way from 11 to 10 recently. Going down from Meikle Bin (11) to the burn is steep. I could cycle initially, but it turns into very clumpy moor. I couldn't cycle going *down* most of it, s... read whole comment...
paulj commented about 3 years ago
Hi has anyone ridden this route lately, I have been advised by a colleague at point 11 there maybe issues crossing a burn due to marsh. Appreciate anyone's thoughts/experience thanks
gtlscot commented about 3 years ago

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