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Accessible from the M5, J23 (Dunkery Beacon and Hawkcombe Woods ) and J27 (Exmoor National Park). From J23 take the A30 towards Minehead. From J27, take the A361 to Tiverton and then the A396 towards Exebridge and Dulverton.

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Exmoor is recognised as a challenging off-road cycling destination with a combination of a beautiful and varied landscape and an excellent network of bridleways, lanes and other permitted tracks great for both downhill and cross country riding.

Loosely defined as an area of hilly open moorland in west Somerset and north Devon in South West England, Exmoor is named after the River Exe and is a former ancient royal hunting forest.

The moor has given its name to a National Park, which includes the Brendon Hills, the East Lyn Valley and the Vale of Porlock. The highest point on Exmoor is Dunkery Beacon; at 519 metres (1,703 ft) it is also the highest point in Somerset.

There is evidence of human occupation from the Mesolithic period and the remains of standing stones, cairns and bridges can still be identified. There have also been reports of The Beast of Exmoor, a cryptozoological cat roaming Exmoor.

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Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Dunkery Beacon23.111634 Moderate Hard

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Dunkery Beacon

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Length: 23.1 Miles
Ascent: 1163 m
Time: 4 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Hard
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The climb out of Minehead harbour is particularly hard going but the tracks are good and it is all rideable. It’s not until you clear the treeline and contour around above the coastline that you realise just how high you’ve climbed. The rest of the Coast Path is relatively easy and the reward, singletrack into Lynch Combe, is incredibly sweet.
The second climb gets you within spitting distance of Dunkery’s distinctive beacon but first there’s a huge drop down to Horner Water followed by a tough climb to Stoke Pero. The descent from Dunkery Beacon is fast and open to start with but it gets rougher and rougher, a good test of your suspension pushing your travel to the limit. Easy forest tracks make simple work of the final leg and a cracking drop down Periton Combe returns you to the harbour.

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