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Inverness is about 100 miles from Aberdeen on the A96, and is 157 and 170 miles from the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh respectively.

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The Northerly city of Inverness is the starting point for the epic Great Glen Way and is also the starting point for a lesser known coast-to-coast route. (Note - see the venue "Kintail" for stage two of the C2C).

There are also good natural trails at Craig Dunain (AKA The Mast), Craig Phadraig and Ord Hill.

Trails at Inverness


Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Inverness C2C day one50.712418 Easy Hard
Daviot Wood5.91440.45 Moderate Easy
EX Frankenbike88.8141925 Moderate Very Hard

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Comments and ratings for Inverness C2C day one
Stunning ride. Takes in amazing scenery with an epic feel. Not technically demanding, but very physically demanding. The youth hostel was a very welcome sight at the end of the day! Highly recommended... read whole comment...
alka gave this trail 5 stars about 8 years ago
Excellent ride - not the most technical, but takes in some awe-inspiring and varied scenery. NB - no shop at the Glen Affric YH and no bedlinen supplied so go prepared!
cat89 gave this trail 5 stars about 8 years ago

Inverness C2C day one

Viewed 1248 times
Length: 50.7 Miles
Ascent: 1241 m
Time: 8 hrs
Tech Grade: Easy
Fitness Grade: Hard
Av. Trail Rating:
(2 votes so far)
The first day of the Inverness to Plockton 2-day ride takes in iconic places of natural beauty such as Loch Ness and Glen Affric, as well as featuring some historical sights along the way.

The riding itself is mostly on fire roads, with some sections of fun singletrack and the occasional stretch of tarmac. Although only the final section towards the Gen Affric hostel is technically challenging, the route is long and takes you into remote territory, so it is essential that you have a good level of fitness and are adequately equipped before embarking on this ride.

The route:

Starting at Inverness Castle, follow the way markers for the Great Glen Way alongside the river and up Craig Dunain. Here (tag 1) those into their archeology may want to have a nosy at Leachkin Cairn. Continue to follow the GGW markers and after a while you will come out onto a minor road (tag 2), which you should continue along until you see the way markers for the GGW and a sign for Abriachan Cafe and Campsite (tag 3). Be sure to stop at the cafe - it is ace!

After a rejuvenating cuppa, continue to follow the GGW through Abriachan forest (tag 4) where the super keen might want to do a quick blast round one of the Kelpie's Trails. there are also toilets here. At tag 5, the OS map would suggest that it is possible to take a singletrack shortcut to Drumnadrochit. This is not the case - just stay on the GGW and you'll get your singletrack descent soon enough (tag 6), plus stunning views of Loch Ness below.

From Drumnadrochit, follow the A831 for a few km before turning off into Glen Urquhart Forest (tag 7). Sadly, Balnain bikepark has been decommissioned and all the features removed. Head through the forest following signs (and your map!) for Shenval and then Corrimony. At tag 8 you have the option of a very short detour to the remarkably preserved 4000 year old Corrimony Cairn, before the final on-road section of the day to Cannich.

At the top end of Cannich take the road to the left signposted to Glen Affric (tag 9), and then turn left again at Dog Falls (tag 10) onto a fireroad climb which will reward you with amazing views at the top. This track continues along the South side of the loch and, although you have the option of crossing to follow the North side of Loch Affric (tag 11), but the South makes for easier riding and better views.

At tag 12, cross the river and head West along the rather loose, undulating track that leads to the Alltbeithe youth hostel. There are quite a few stream crossings so this section can be tough going after heavy rain, but awe-inspiring views of the Kintail mountains you'll be heading into the following day help ease the pain!

The second half of the coast-to-coast route is listed under the "Kintail" venue as "Inverness C2C day two".

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Comments and ratings for Daviot Wood
wnc gave this trail 3 stars about 5 years ago

Daviot Wood

Viewed 748 times
Length: 5.9 Miles
Ascent: 144 m
Time: 0.45 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Easy
Av. Trail Rating:
(1 votes so far)
Start at the car park/information centre at the top of Drumossie Hill, its south of Inverness on the A9, but on the northbound side of the dual carriageway. Take the southernmost exit out of the car park heading south west on a nice compact path for about 100m until you join a large wide forest track. Continue along this large track in a south westerly direction. After about 600m you will notice a well made path on your right, ignore it, and then after another 50m turn left (SE) into the forest on a rough looking path. Follow this path for another 100m or so and you will join a forest ride where rough singletrack follows the ride uphill (SE). The ride has seen much felling and varies between having tress on one side or being completely open. Continue along this forest ride crossing a wide forest track and then a narrower well made path. After about 1.5Km you will get to a ‘T’ junction with another forest ride, again heavily felled and not an obvious a forest ride. You’ll see signs at this junction warning of the dangers of Daviot Quarry on the other side of the hill. At this junction turn right (SW) and follow another rough track for 300/400m to a large forest track. Go straight over the track and down the forest ride, stay to the left hand side of the forest ride for the best line. Follow the track/ride for 100m and then turn right (NW) at another ride junction, following the singletrack for about 200m before joining a well made path. Go left on this path and cross the stile after 100m to join Wade’s Military Road. Follow the Military Road NW back towards Inverness for about 2.75Km until it becomes a narrow tarmac road and then turn right. Go straight ahead for about 200m then follow the road slightly left and downhill to a ‘T’ junction. At this point look across the junction and follow the path uphill (heading south east) behind some houses - look for metal barriers. After 100m head left (NE) on another path for about 50m onto a quiet road which you need to follow to its end (SE) where it becomes a wide track. Follow this track (SE) to a ‘Y’ junction after 100m and take the smaller right hand branch. Follow this track for just over 1Km trending SE, passing a small utility works about 200m before it meets a large forest track. Turn left at this junction and you’ll soon be back at the starting car park, about 600m. Probably at easier end of moderate technicality.

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EX Frankenbike

Viewed 403 times
Length: 88.8 Miles
Ascent: 1419 m
Time: 25 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Very Hard
Av. Trail Rating:
(0 votes so far)
Coast to Coast.

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