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No. of Trails: 2
Car Park
Glentrool is just off the A714 about 8 miles from Newton Stewart. Grid ref: NX 372 786

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Glentrool is one of the 7 Stanes Venues and has one blue-graded and two green-graded routes, as well as the 58km "Big Country" route. Those seeking something a bit more challenging also have the opportunity of riding The Merrick, the Southern Uplands' highest mountain.

On site, there is a generous car park, toilets, a visitor centre with cafe, and a campsite just across the river. The House O' Hill Hotel (see link opposite) does good meals and has a few real ales on tap.

Trails at Glentrool


Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
The Merrick via Bennan14.910593.5 Moderate Hard
Big Country Route35.48606 Easy Hard

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Comments and ratings for The Merrick via Bennan
Tougher than I thought but good day out great scenery.
gtlscot gave this trail 5 stars about 2 years ago
Rode this route just last week on a very sunny/windless day mid week. Getting to the top is a slog but the decent is a blast, no walkers to throw disgusting looks a you. But always bare in mind this i... read whole comment...
gallowayphantom gave this trail 4 stars about 7 years ago
Being at the summit is an excellent feeling and the descent is even better - makes up for the fireroad-heavy. However, due to the volume of walkers, The Merrick is not always a practical option.
cat89 gave this trail 3 stars about 8 years ago

The Merrick via Bennan

Viewed 645 times
Length: 14.9 Miles
Ascent: 1059 m
Time: 3.5 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Hard
Av. Trail Rating:
(3 votes so far)
There are a number of possible routes for those wishing to climb The "Mighty" Merrick. This one avoids the fair amount of pushing up faced when doing the traditional out-and-back route, and also makes the route a bit more varied. The start and finish take in small sections of the 7Stanes blue route.

As one would imagine, The Merrick attracts a lot of walkers and complaints have been made about mountain bikers on the descent. This is not a ride for a sunny bank holiday weekend!

The route: From the carpark, head to the 7Stanes trailhead (tag 1) and follow the signs for the blue route until, after a bit of fire road climb, you come to a fire road juntion (tag 2).

Turn right at this junction, right at the following junction (tag 3) and left at the next (tag 4). From there on, simply continue to climb up the fire road until you reach the top of Bennan.

Near the summit (tag 5) look out for a path leading off to the left (NB - the path is BEFORE the end of the fire road so if you reach the end, you have gone too far!). This path will lead you down to a stream, but becomes indistinct after crossing. However, in fair weather you will be able to see where you are heading, so continue in the same general direction, picking the best route across this often boggy section until you join the well-defined Merrick path (tag 6).

Simply follow the path as it climbs, then traverses the ridge, to the summit of The Merrick. Then about-turn and descend via the walkers path, staying on the established path as it descends from the open hillside, steeply through the woods and emerges on the fire road.

At the fire road (tag 8), turn right over the bridge then, almost immediately, left onto the walkers' path again. This leads down past Culsharg bothy and then gently through the woods before emerging onto a steep rocky section, which then mellows out and runs alongside Buchan Burn until it joins the road.

At the road (tag 9) there are two options: to turn left, then left again after 2km to follow the Southern Upland way back along the South side of Loch Trool; or to cross the road to Bruce's monument and continue as described herein.

From Bruce's Stone, follow the walkers' path through the woods for a short distance until it rejoins the road. Continue in the same direction along the quiet singletrack road for about 1km then take the next path to the left (tag 10) for a detour back down to the lochside.

When this reaches the bridge, turn right onto the road and climb up to the T-junction, then join the walkers' path leading up the hill opposite the juntion (tag 11). Where this joins a fire road (tag 12), turn left along the fire road for 100m or so, then follow the signs for the 7Stanes blue route (tag 13). This trail will lead you back to the car park.

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Big Country Route

Viewed 269 times
Length: 35.4 Miles
Ascent: 860 m
Time: 6 hrs
Tech Grade: Easy
Fitness Grade: Hard
Av. Trail Rating:
(0 votes so far)
Glentrool Big Country Route

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