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Car Park
Lochinver is about an hour's drive North of Ullapool and an be reached either by taking the A835 to the Ledmore junction then bearing West to Lochinver on the A837 or by turning right off the A835 at Dumrunie to take the scenic route.

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Lochinver is a lovely village in Assynt, with spectacular mountain scenery all around and some beautiful beaches. While not a reputed mountain biking hotspot, many of the less boggy trails are suitable for bikes.

There is a carpark at the North end of the village beside the award-winning Lochinver Larder (see link opposite). There are a number of shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs in the village and a range of accommodation is available.

Trails at Lochinver


Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Glencanisp & River Inver4.61761 Moderate Moderate
Achmelvich and beyond5.32173 Moderate Moderate

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Comments and ratings for Glencanisp & River Inver
Haven ridden this route today I would say that the Tech grade needs to be classed as Hard. Some of the rocky sections are definitely a Black grading at a trail centre! I would also recommend that it... read whole comment...
robsimpson31 gave this trail 4 stars about 4 years ago
Our group of 3 adults and 3 7/8 yr olds just rode this route yesterday and while it is an awesome part of the country with scenery to die for I would have to suggest re-classing it as a difficult/adva... read whole comment...
loop2 gave this trail 3 stars about 6 years ago
Scenic and gorgeous but I didn't find the path by the river "easy", obviously need to skill up!
speysidesally gave this trail 4 stars about 7 years ago

Glencanisp & River Inver

Viewed 1363 times
Length: 4.6 Miles
Ascent: 176 m
Time: 1 hr
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Moderate
Av. Trail Rating:
(3 votes so far)
A short circular route which takes you up past Glencanisp Lodge before heading out over the moor, then returning to Lochinver via a lovely stretch of wooded riverside singetrack.

(Note: For those wishing to venture further, the route beyond Glencanisp Lodge onwards towards Suilven is rideable until around Suileag bothy. Going beyong Loch na Gainimh would not be much fun.)

The route:

From the carpark, turn right onto the road and head South through the village until you reach the turn off to the left for Glencansip (tag 1). Head along the Glencanisp track to the Lodge, then bear left again onto a path (tag 2) that leads up over the moor.

Continue along this path until it forks (tag 3), at which point you should take the left fork which will lead you to the river. Upon joining the riverside path (tag 4), turn left to follow the Inver as it flows gently down to Lochinver.

Upon reaching the main road through Lochinver, turn left to return to the carpark. Alternatively, go straight on along Baddidaroch Road if you wish to link this loop with the Achmelvich and Allt an Abradhan route (see other routes for Lochinver).

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Photos for Achmelvich and beyond
Videos for Achmelvich and beyond

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Comments and ratings for Achmelvich and beyond
Stunning Scenic route, blessed with some awesome weather for 10 Sept 15. Achmelvich beach is just amazing, never thought i would see these views on the west coast. Haven't ridden to the final point,... read whole comment...
robsimpson31 gave this trail 4 stars about 4 years ago
First trail I have tried from this site. Realising that competent-on-red-trails-riding-a-hard
-tail is not the readership. Really enjoyed this but would not rate it "easy".
speysidesally gave this trail 4 stars about 7 years ago
No fast exhilarating singletrack descents, but some spectacular scenery all around and cycling to the beaches via the good quality paths over the hills is much better than just driving there!!
cat89 gave this trail 4 stars about 8 years ago

Achmelvich and beyond

Viewed 1238 times
Length: 5.3 Miles
Ascent: 217 m
Time: 3 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Moderate
Av. Trail Rating:
(3 votes so far)
An out-and-back ride taking you to one of Scotland's finest beaches. After a short road section leading out of Lochinver, a hill track takes you over towards the white sands and turquoise waters of Achmelvich beach, then another path leads on to a secluded cove beyong Alltanabradhan.

NB - The mileage given above is for the outward route only: total distance for round trip is 10.6 miles.

The route:

Turn left out of the carpark, then left again along Baddidaroch Road (tag 1). Follow this for a couple of km before turning left again up Glendarrach (tag 2) just before the Albanach Hotel.

Towards the end of this short road, take the path to the left signposted to Achmelvich (tag 3). This will lead you up over the hill, then descend down past Loch Dubh and over a bridge to join the minor road to Achmelvich.

Where you join the road (tag 4), turn left to continue to Achmelvich.

To carry on to Alltanabradhan, follow the track (tag 5) up over the hill, which is indicated by a wooden signpost "Alltanabradhan footpath" at the Achmelvich carpark. This path undulates over the grassy coastal hills and after a few km a chipstone road comes into view. Turn left before the road (tag 6), running parallel to it until a wooden sign indicates where to go right (just before reaching some holiday cottages), cross over the road and follow a similar track up to a big house.

Take the path to the left of this house over one final incline, then follow it down to the stream (tag 7). Ignore the steps up to the right and instead cross the stream to the ruined mill of Alltanabradhan. Then continue down the path to the secluded shore with it's two little coves - one sandy, one stony.

Return to Lochinver via the same route.

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4 Stars

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Overall comments about Lochinver

The rugged mountainous landscape of Assynt and its idyllic beaches make this remote corner of NW Scotland a must-visit!
cat89 commented about 8 years ago

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