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Car Park
From Falkirk, head along towards Camelon and turn up just before the Beefeater. Follow the road up past the old Barr's bottling plant and past the Memorial site.

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The Falkirk area has a netowrk of natural trails that can be linked with some road sections. Callander Park has a small network of trails and surrounding wooded areas have networks of trails available.

The canal is a great means of getting from one side to the other of Falkirk and is pretty quick and flat.

This entry (trailhead) is aimed at the new trails on the Callander Estate land called Bespoke Trails.

Trails at Falkirk


Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Bespoke Trail9.71901 Easy Easy

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Comments and ratings for Bespoke Trail
Really nice place to go, not very demanding for someone with average skills.
foxu gave this trail 5 stars about 5 years ago
shadeyb gave this trail 4 stars about 7 years ago
did this route earlier in year, some nice biking no real technical difficulty but still a fun work out and easy for youngsters just beginning. Different route choices can make the day last longer.
trekmamba gave this trail 3 stars about 7 years ago
danandmiriam gave this trail 4 stars about 7 years ago
As a short blast to get the legs going in some scenic countryside it is very pleasant. Nothing technical or extreme by any standard and very family-friendly, the trails are good. A good addition to th... read whole comment...
dickbarton gave this trail 4 stars about 8 years ago

Bespoke Trail

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Length: 9.7 Miles
Ascent: 190 m
Time: 1 hr
Tech Grade: Easy
Fitness Grade: Easy
Av. Trail Rating:
(5 votes so far)
A new trail network with a blue grade with a couple of optional 'red' grade obstacles. Very little height difference but very pleasant and enjoyable network.

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Average rating for the trails at Falkirk

4 Stars

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Overall comments about Falkirk

there is actually 3 trails, red grade , blue and green grade. all are good and great ride on my hardtail :) nothing technical other than large sharp downhill Berms or Banks on the red trail , good siz... read whole comment...
shadeyb commented about 7 years ago

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