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Venue: Comrie Croft Bike Trails

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No. of Trails: 3
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Off A85 between Crieff and Comrie, follow signs for Comrie Croft Hostel.

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The trails are an expanding mix of existing forest roads and hand built, dedicated singletrack which combine to give you an exhilarating ride. They start and finish at Comrie Croft, a four star Independent Hostel, situated in the heart of rural Perthshire in the beautiful Strathearn Valley.

All the trails are graded red with some black sections, and at present measure around 6kms. We are in the process of adding in some escape routes to give you an option round some of the more technical parts of the trail. Watch this space for more details, we’ll keep you updated as and when they happen.

Trails at Comrie Croft Bike Trails


Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Comrie Croft Bike Trails2.72041 Moderate Moderate
Skills Park n Pump Track2.72041 Moderate Moderate
Strathearn Peaks Epic35.811857 Moderate Hard

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Comments and ratings for Comrie Croft Bike Trails
Did the blue route with wife and kids (9 & 11) who found it quite technical, but loved it! Then did the red trail myself - brilliant - again quite technical, rather than fast and flowy, but had a huge... read whole comment...
s1holland gave this trail 5 stars about 4 years ago
ally gave this trail 5 stars about 5 years ago
Great trail center that is only getting better with the new addition on there blue downhill section featuring pump track, berms, tables and roller, and even a donut!! great fun! and with them adding a... read whole comment...
tomsir gave this trail 5 stars about 6 years ago

Comrie Croft Bike Trails

Viewed 978 times
Length: 2.7 Miles
Ascent: 204 m
Time: 1 hr
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Moderate
Av. Trail Rating:
(3 votes so far)
From the car park you are quickly climbing on forest trails, which although steep at first, become a little kinder on the calves and as you rise out of the valley, you are greeted by some spectacular scenery. Following a brief downhill respite, the singletrack begins and winds its way up through some technical forest sections with some interesting features, check out the chunky bedrock slab with off camber descent, and the water splash. A little more climbing takes you to the descent, which is a thrilling mix of tight twisty singletrack and natural bedrock. On the way down you’ll also encounter a great variety of surfaces and riding styles.

Not a course to be ridden at top speed, the emphasis is more on the technical and challenging aspects of riding and after an hour you’ll be back in the car park with a big grin on your face and a healthy notion to go and do it all again!

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Photos for Skills Park n Pump Track
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Comments and ratings for Skills Park n Pump Track
great fun for all skill levels and any age of the family! sure to find something there to hone your skills, i esspecailly liked the 3 table top jumps line.
tomsir gave this trail 5 stars about 6 years ago

Skills Park n Pump Track

Viewed 283 times
Length: 2.7 Miles
Ascent: 204 m
Time: 1 hr
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Moderate
Av. Trail Rating:
(1 votes so far)
Welcome to the brand new Comrie Croft bike skills park and pump track!
This is an exciting new phase of the development of Comrie Croft trails - located in the lower fields, it is a fantastic mix of jumps, berms drops, and of course the rather brilliant pump track all designed to help you get the most out of your trail riding, or to push your park skills boundaries.
There are plenty well sculpted lines to choose from, with Blue Red and Black graded options. Try the jumping jacks, a linked series of table tops, or the Jackie Chan, a set of challenging drops which increase in size.
The track is suitable for all ages, and includes a little Sprockets zone, just for kids with a beautiful Oak bridge and see saw.

Free to use (donations welcome), with Tea Shop now open, what more excuse do you need - Get down to Comrie Croft!

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Photos for Strathearn Peaks Epic
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Comments and ratings for Strathearn Peaks Epic
Definitely an epic trail, with some really good natural techy bits. Couldn't muster the strength for a loop of Comrie croft at the end!
s1holland gave this trail 5 stars about 1 year ago
dotdash gave this trail 5 stars about 3 years ago

Strathearn Peaks Epic

Viewed 2686 times
Length: 35.8 Miles
Ascent: 1185 m
Time: 7 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Hard
Av. Trail Rating:
(2 votes so far)
This is an epic day out in the beautiful hills of the often overlooked Strathearn Valley. The route takes in a huge variety of trail types, lots of climbing and descending on a good mix of singletrack and forest roads, and has some of best views and cafe stops in the country.
Starting and finishing at Comrie Croft, this is a great route to do if you are looking to spend an extra day in the area, combining it with a visit to the excellent trail centre at Comrie Croft, where you can camp, or stay in the hostel, to make a weekend of it.
The route has several escape routes, but to do the full shebang it is best tackled on a long day of daylight hours. You can of course do any number of variations on the full loop to make it a more manageable proposition. So, down to business.

Section 1. Comrie Croft to Loch Turrett.
Start off at the cafe and car park at CC. There is a small car parking charge for trail parking, free to residents. Head west along the footpath signposted for Comrie. Through some gates and ride up behind the big house, passing a beautiful waterfall before dropping down onto the forest road network. Follow the blue footpath sign up the hill, through some switchbacks, and over a nice old bridge. Bear right up the hill, and keep on climbing! As the track hits the open hill, bear left and keep on up till you hit the waterboard road at the top. Then simply turn right, and keep on riding until you reach Turrett Dam

Section 2. Turret Dam to Gilmerton. Take the track to the East of the dam, at the waterboard building, cross the fence and then bear right. Follow this track past a sign that welcomes responsible trail users, and just continue along this track for a good couple of kms. There are 3 stream crossing ups and downs, You are looking out for a fairly obvious track leading down to the right, before the Shuggie Burn. Head down this track at speed, being aware there is a gate half way down. You'll hit the road at the bottom, take a quick left then go down a track marked a Dead End, again till you get to the next road, another fast blast. At the Monzie road, take a left and then at the junction a right down into Gilmerton.

Section 3. The Knock to Laggan Road

Take the track marked Crieff at the corner of the main road bends, following this up until you go through a gate, and continue till you reach the Knock circular path. Head right on this, around the hill and if you like, you can enjoy the Crieff Hydro MTB Downhill off to your left, it will bring you back onto the track you have just come up. There are many routes up and down the knock, it has two summits, and any trail off the western one will lead you down to the road. From there, you can visit the cafe at the golf course, or to get to Laggan Road follow the bike route signs and then the nature trail sign until you get to Lovers Walk. Head north towards the A85 and cross this down Turretbank Road until you see a sign on the right for Laggan Road.

Section 4. Laggan Road to Torleum Hill. This is pretty straightforward, nice footpath with some rooty fast descents, just up and over Laggan Hill, from Laggan road take a right at the crossroads after the lane, then up and over. Bit of a pull up then just keep on past Puddocks Pond, then bear left at the junctions. This will take you to Strowan Road. From there, go left, then right on the Crieff Comrie Back road, then left up to Balloch. A road climb ensues, then take the signposted path to Auchingarrich

Section 5. Torleum to Auchingarrich.

The first section is wide forest roads, with some great views of the valley. Follow the arrows through this whole section and you will end up at the wildlife park at Auchingarrich. About halfway the track takes a singletrack turn to the right, just after a small lochan, and drops all the way down, keep a close eye out for the signposts, and be aware that halfway down the singletrack the path deteriorates a bit for riding, and also goes down a fairly steep section with some barbed wire at eye height :) All good fun though. Through a couple of gates and you'll come out at Do it Outdoors, some bushcraft stuff that then leads you past the fishing lochs and the entrance to the park. It is ok to go through the gate and into the park, especially if you want to go to the excellent cafe owners say its fine to go in a bit muddy. Leave the park via the entrance road and this leads you to:

Section 6. Auchingarrich to Glen Lednock Circular.

At the junction with the main road, take the footpath marked Comrie 1 mile, over the gate. This is a farm track leading onto grassy descent with a couple of gates to hop over. When you descend into Comrie, you want to go left just before the houses, following a path along the side of a field. You will reach the main road again, cross it again and continue down the farm track until you reach the River Ruchill. Head right, hugging the bank of the river all the way into Comrie. This is some lovely flat singletrack watch out for dog walkers! Once in Comrie go left accross the bridge, straight over the junction behind the royal hotel, stopping in for a fly pint if you like. Take a right along the line of the old railway and keep going till you cross a nice footbridge, on your left is the start of the Glen Lednock circular path

Section 7. Glen Lednock/Maam Road

This is an optional loop, but contains some excellent riding, so well worth the effort. Along the circular path, veer right almost immediately, up a singletrack climb up to the golf course. Continue keeping your height, and you will pop out at the forest road. Turn right and up a steep climb, then when round the first big bend, take the narrower path bearing left. Then just keep on up and up, this is some technical singletrack climbing, and good fun. It levels out a bit and then drops down out the woods, following an open hill singletrack down to the shaky bridge. Not very shaky really, cross this narrow footbridge and up on the road, turn right briefly and then sharp left over the Maam road. This part is lovely and a totally different feel being in the wilder Glen Lednock, an area well worth exploring. Continue to the top of the climb on broad estate road.

Section 8. Maam Road to Comrie

Go past the wee path to the monument, or visit the monument for spectacular views over the whole of the route you have just done, then return to the Maam road. As you begin to descend, you go through a wall, turn left immediately after the tree line, and follow a path alongside a deer fence. It is a bit overgrown here, so stick with it, it ends at a gate which you climb over and then some techy steep sliding will return you to the road. Go right for about 20 yards and look out for a wee path to your left, there is a Hydrant just next to the start. Follow your nose up and down this excellent singletrack, there are a few fallen trees to hamper your enjoyment, but try and pick your way through and it will bring you back down into Comrie.

Section 9. Comrie return to Comrie Croft.

Cut along the path behind the main street, by turning left at the school and straight on, retracing your path across the old railway bridge. This time though go straight on past the football pitch to the main road. Theres a footpath on the other side of the road, follow this until it stops opposite West Lodge caravan park. You are then simply following signs for Comrie Croft, past some huge old trees, and over a couple of testing climbs, especially if you have done the whole route. You can reward yourself with a spin around the Comrie Croft trails if you are a glutten for more, or a great piece of cake from the cafe. Well Done!

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