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Greenrigg & Eshells Moor

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Did this at the weekend, nice easy rideout, a nice weather ride as pretty exposed. Nearby stobbs cross is a better ride with a bit more to it.
bigwig29er gave this trail about 5 years ago
Did this Saturday. It's a route from Derek Purdy's Northumberland book. Approach Splitty Lane end from Catton to avoid the initial leg burning climb out of Allendale. The sometimes indistinct moorland sections in both directions were 'rough, tough and wet'. Might be better following a drought or a freeze. Don't bother with the bridleway section turning S through Lords Lot to Spital Shield it's unrideable both down and up the hill. If you like wet, moorland, and extensive views this is for you
skiiter2 gave this trail about 7 years ago