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Loch Muick


Neep Route

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We did this route at the weekend and it was awesome. Just to say there is a diversion at Moulzie. The footbridge upstream from Moulzie at NO277789 has been washed away. You can either try crossing at the ford or use the footbridge before Moulzie at NO281773 then follow the diversion up the west side of River South Esk.
hadders gave this trail about 3 years ago
I do this from the Doll side as Im in Angus but great ride whatever way you do it, two cracking big descents with lots of grins to be had.
sab6247 gave this trail about 5 years ago
This is a brilliant route - the downhill to Glen Clova is outstanding and a good techy descent back to Loch Muick - great trail! The push back up from Glen Clova is worth it!
stoneymtb gave this trail about 6 years ago
An awesome route, if your prepared for a fair bit of carrying your bike at the start your rewarded with a really good technical descent which will test your bike hopping skills getting over the drainage rocks. then its a nice gentle ride around the lake to rest your legs then a steady climb up the other side. Then the legendary Capel Mounth descent to finish off the ride.
jamesmtb2013 gave this trail about 7 years ago
An excellent big mountain ride for a sunny day. The hike-a-bike section near the end of the second climb is brutal but well worth it for the breathtaking views from the top... and, of course, the exhilarating singletrack descent to the loch below.
cat89 gave this trail about 7 years ago
A True Mountain Bike route! Has it all- tough climbs, great descents and awesome scenery! Everyone should ride this one, but should be kept for good weather.
gav501 commented about 8 years ago
A fine shortish day out with a bit of a mountain feel to it. Can also be done descending the lightning strike to the east to loch muick, which is easier than the mapped one with the drainage ditches. That said its prob about 15 years since I last rode the drainage ditch my info is not that current!!
portydave gave this trail about 8 years ago
catch this route when the weather is bad and its brutal up at the top - proper mountain exposure. Done this as an overnighter using a detour at Tag 2 along the road to the Clova inn/bunkhouse to dry off/"rehydrate"
rudderboy gave this trail about 8 years ago
Only 15 miles and a tough 15 miles with all the climbing with some great descending, awesome views. All together a very rewarding ride.
gav501 gave this trail about 8 years ago
Did this ride the other day and loved it. Definitely one for a sunny day but if you are lucky enough to get some decent weather, this is a great place to use it for a bit of epic mountain biking. Fantastic views and two fantastic (and long) descents. I quite like the drainage ditches on the second descent (it’s just a high stakes bunny-hopping game isn’t it :-), but this may not be to everyone’s liking.
wayne gave this trail about 9 years ago