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Chequers Circuit

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Road yesterday, wet and slippery at times but a good route using BWs and footpaths. Easy to follow (I'm old school and used the map ... no GPS for me ??). Took about 2.5 hours and there are a few steep climbs but all rideable. The wet clay soil along a bridleway down the side of a field clogged up the tyres, gears and brakes solid....had to clear it by hand in the end...?? Will definitely ride again and will test out the Hill Fort tour next. Awesome ??
jeff517 gave this trail about 3 years ago
I have just completed this wonderful circuit after some heavy rain. It is so close to a perfect ride. It has wonderful views, interesting paths, lovely surprises as you emerge onto a fast forest tunnel or a wonderful downhill gully filled with soft leaves allowing a respite from the mud. Some of the paths do get very wet in rain, at one point I went through a large puddle and my front wheel disappeared beyond its hub and just stopped. The climb up to Coombe Hill is steep and narrow and was very slippery today. The rear wheel struggled for grip it span all the way up to the top. I loved the fact that there is just about no road in this trail. It is really easy to follow and there is nothing at all to put off beginners. In any weather. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon
lumos gave this trail about 6 years ago
This is a nice route with some heart pumping climbs and some gentle fast downhills. Definitely a chore when wet though. The slimy clay soil offers no resistance and there is considerable rear wheel slippage resulting in poor traction on the climbs. So, its definitely a dry weather route for me. To help navigation (the GPS track seems to be slightly out between point 1-3) here's some extra info that helped me. 1-2 Having turned left at the island follow along South Street. Just past the last building on the left, there is a road on the right (Bacombe Lane) that climbs up over the railway. Take that, 2-3 Having crossed the bridge, immediately on the left is a byway that runs along side the road. Take that, not cross the fields as the GPS track shows. This will join onto the paved access road to Grove Farm. Follow straight on along that paved road and you will emerge on Small Dean Lane. Turn right and on to point 3. Hope that helps.
zestym gave this trail about 6 years ago