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Beinn A Bhuird


Neep Route

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Did this route in reverse starting at the Allanquoich car park. As per the last comment, the path at the Sneck is very badly eroded and would be difficult to ride down (was bad enough pushing up !). Up to that point the whole track is rideable. Long push and a bit of a scramble up to the top plateau, and then down hill all the way to the river Quoich ! The path isn't very clear from the top, but soon turns into a proper path with loads of drainage gullies. We took it very easy and took 8.5 hours.
fin1974 gave this trail about 2 years ago
Not a great cycle. The uphill is tough but reward, but the downhill is a waste of time - a lot of altitude is lost immediately. The eroded section is so badly eroded you can't keep any decent pace. The drainage ditches are a pain in the ar$e. My recommendation would be to go to tag 4, enjoy your lunch and then turn round and come down the way you came. It would be a lot fast and flow a lot better.
gwagon gave this trail about 3 years ago
Tough but rewarding climb. Best done on a nice day because of the height.
jfraser commented about 6 years ago
Tough but rewarding climb and a great circuit with views over the Monoliath mountains to the West. Best done on a nice day because of the height.
jfraser gave this trail about 6 years ago