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Hermitage and Glen Garr

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Was round bits of this last night, we stuck more to the Enduro route and Birnam Hill, so much potential in this area, the Enduro descent off the top of Kings Seat is well worth a look.
sab6247 gave this trail about 4 years ago
Tried this yesterday afternoon, had been raining in the morning so rather wet after 30 minutes. But worth it! Nice long run fun through the Birnham woods. Then zip down to Inver and great fun through rooty woods again until Rumbling bridge. Very barren from then on and exposed for wind, it was very boggy as it had been raining in the morning, but again good views and feeling of remoteness. Overall a good ride! I bet it is even better on a dry sunny day! Managed it in 3.5hrs.
koala77 gave this trail about 5 years ago
I cycled this route the other weekend, on a really bright, sunny Saturday and it was fantastic! I also altered the route by going over the top of the busy Birnam Hill, where the view from the top was amazing! I dropped off the North side where it is very steep and twisty turnery back down to the bottom. It is quite a long hall up to Glen Garr where it turns into a single path from the farm all the way through the glen, where it feels really remote until you come out from in between the narrow glen where it opens up to show an amazing view! The final part is along a flat road back into Bankfoot. Brilliant day and would highly recommend for cross country people!
williamh242 gave this trail about 6 years ago