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Glenlivet MTB Trails


Glenlivet Red

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Nice trail. Not so easy on way up. I thought the descent was a bit long and you had to go for it if you want a bit speed. By the time you get to the bottom your knackered. The trails are smooth and manicured, though I thought the forest sections a bit boring and repetitive.
scottc gave this trail about 2 years ago
oldmack gave this trail about 3 years ago
I had a great morning on these trials doing the red and blue. I would say the time the red can be completed comfortably in 2.5 hrs and 45 mins for blue. The descent on the red was brilliant fast and flowing. Technical aspects quite easy but I prefer this. Great Cafe. Highly recommend a visit if anyone around the area.
gtlscot gave this trail about 3 years ago
Really nice trails here, good climbs and great descents. The descents flow really nicely and the ascents are mostly quite interesting. It could be argued that the red descent lacks technical difficulty, but it's still very good. the few black obstacles are good and all have chicken runs iirc.
peterpolo gave this trail about 5 years ago
alex37 gave this trail about 5 years ago
kuotaajp gave this trail about 5 years ago
The single track parts of the trail are fantastic. Very flowy. Hard climb in the middle. Some good technical features now and again. Overall great.
jfmelville gave this trail about 6 years ago
a very smooth, flowy trail, with some good climbs and winding forest singletrack. There are not a lot of features on the course, although the few black features are very enjoyable for the brave, and/or more competent rider to take on, with manageable alternatives for the less experienced rider. Ridden this trail twice now and I love it more every time I go. Can't wait to go again.
slick2k2 gave this trail about 6 years ago