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The Burma Road

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Super ride with fantastic scenery. Nothing technical really just a longish climb. The short beginning section of the climb is the hardest but it's not too long and eases off after this.
djavco gave this trail about 9 months ago
The trail throughout (at time of writing May 18) is very well kept, there are very few technical challenges along the route. you do have to be fit for the first climb as its a just up.... for about an hour for a low pace. the rest of the trail past the summit is chilled out riding much like a Fire trail. it cuts in and of the woods with some beautiful views to be had. Do NOT ride this when there is a yellow weather warning.... I got caught in the middle of a thunder storm haha. if you are after some technical riding, don't bother with this route. if you want a work out up hill then a chilled ride, its for you.
markjewell gave this trail about 1 year ago
So me and my two brothers did this yesterday (02/12/17) in temperatures ranging from 4 degrees down to -5 at the top. The initial climb was hellacious but great for getting your heart rate up. We were met by a lot of snow which was expected and this put an end to riding up the hill and we were wading up there through snow up to our lower shins. Once we conquered the top the downhill was awesome albeit coupled with snow and ice it was perilous! Once we managed to get out the mountain pass the trails were beautiful following the River Dulnain down to Kinveachy. The land rover tracks were ice buckets and they too slowed our pace. All in all we had to finish via the A9 rather than the trail due to the light fading. But well worth it! Going to come back in the Spring and try again!
robertwest gave this trail about 2 years ago
Great route. First hour was brutal but felt like an achievement when we got to the top. All pretty much downhill from then on. And if on full sus bikes then you go down at real speed. Really good fun Something to bear in mind is that we did this route on full sus mtbs. Some of the descents were really stony and would make for a pretty slow and boneshaker run on anything less.
scottc gave this trail about 2 years ago
chrisn gave this trail about 4 years ago
Been a few years since I did this trail. But I remember really enjoying it. Killer climb at the start though :-) Oh yes and I had to do the climb twice because my GPS gadget jumped off my bars about 20m from the very top and I didn't notice until I reached the bottom of the first descent (grrrr!).
wayne gave this trail about 8 years ago
Great cross country route with a killer climb, but what views though once you get to the summit.
gav501 gave this trail about 8 years ago
This is a great route, although the climb at the start is a bit of a killer. However, the downhill on the other side is a real high speed blast. The variations in the trail surface from Tag 4 to 8 really keep the interest up, and you feel really isolated and in the middle of nowhere when you're following the River Dulnain down the glen.
wildhighlander gave this trail about 8 years ago