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The Quiraing


The Quiraing

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Amazing scenery but despite being there on a gorgeous sunny day the return section of this route was spoiled by wet slippery conditions and a badly eroded path. If I was riding again here I'd stick to the lower sections where the scenery and paths are best.
belle gave this trail about 2 years ago
It was OK to go by foot. By bike only for pro-bikers :). A lot of people is going this circle, there was a lot of big drops and climbs (for me only possibility to walk). Muddy, slippery and a lot of water everywhere. Maybe more appropriate in different period of year.
cervmi commented about 2 years ago
Tried this last Monday, ran the route first, just to scope it out, wouldn't bother with going up top, out and back is a good option as the challenges, and views, are different in each direction. Iconic trail though and would recommend it. Had to bail on my attempt at tag 3 as it was VERY windy (difficult to stand and bike was being caught by the wind when carried) and the change in direction meant that the tail wind was pushing me off the mountain. Bumped into a couple of guys who had come up from Dunans and joined about two thirds of the way between tags 3 and 4 - they suggested that it would have been better ending at Dunans. Need to two cars, or a cycle back along the road from Dunans.
hiswitsend gave this trail about 3 years ago
Had an excellent ride along the Quiraing and back last week whilst on Skye. Decided to not go over the top of the hill as the route suggests as it looked boggy and very wet from below (lots of rain over a few days before i did it) and the top was in cloud and didn't fancy going up on my own. The trail is very exposed/technical in places so doing it in both directions made it even more fun and more so than going up the hill to ride down the grass near the start (IMO of course). Also i set off at 8am to avoid the walkers - it started to get busy with groups at about 10am when I got back to the car park, so if you want to do it without bumping into people i'd suggest getting there early doors. Enjoy! :)
gazc gave this trail about 5 years ago
Quiraing. (Sept 2013) I'm in two minds about this trail. Yes its one of those trails thats on everyone's Bucket list and rightly so. The views, location and nature of the geology make it one of the most desirable places to visit in the UK if not this planet. For this alone its worthy of 5 Stars and more. As for trail quality I find myself struggling to give it a 4 star rating in its current condition. Severe soil erosion, deep ruts makes for a rather frustrating ride.
barney gave this trail about 6 years ago
andymay73 gave this trail about 8 years ago
Outstanding. Fantastic scenery,great trail and easy to tie in with other routes such as the Old man of Storr and Idrigall point as well as Glen Sligachan. Be warned though its a bit tougher than McAskill,Rey and Peaty make it look!
bigmadchris gave this trail about 8 years ago
Unusual route, and a bit out of the way, but if you're on Skye it'd be a shame not to give it a go. Very short route which I've done as a last run on the day I've been heading home. Had lots of comments from walkers on the route amazed and impressed that you're cycling here, but I think they tend to focus on the slope and the exposure, rather than on the great path you have to cycle on. Definitely recommend it, as it's totally different.
wildhighlander gave this trail about 8 years ago