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Ben Macdui

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This route took me 10hrs on a dry sunny day, no wind and dry conditions under foot. I did this route solo and was cautious. Once over the footbridge and right up Strath Nethy (notoriously boggy) it is pretty much all pushing and carrying to the top of Ben Macdui - quite a lot of carrying. The boulders are perilous at the end of Loch Avon. The ascent listed here is wrong - the start is at 350m and Ben Macdui 1309 and there is some up and down. The descent from the top is rocky and the wide granite water gullies that cross the path every 10 meters or so were a challenge for me and my full suspension bike. After 2 shredded inner tubes it was back to pushing to the Ski Centre and then a rickety ride on a flat tyre down the road. Not a good route unless you want to take your bike for a walk and certainly to be advised against in less than ideal conditions. However an amazing walk that takes in a good area of the Cairngorms in a single day.
djavco gave this trail about 10 months ago