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The Ciaran Path

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joemtb gave this trail about 5 years ago
Did the Ciaran path today. Length 14miles but it felt like 20. Mostly because it was so boggy in places. The path its self was bog free but getting to it felt like a three day camel ride. And it had been dry for days in Kinlochleven, according to the weather. The trail next to the pipeline is pretty mind numbing. The path on its own was fun. Very technical, and by the time you reach it your pretty knackered from the bog marathon. Glad i did it but i wont be back, for a while.
johnbot gave this trail about 7 years ago
I found this to be a bit so so. It was a bit like trying to ride down a river bed rather than a trail at times and it became a bit frustrating. It doesnt detract from the natural beauty and prehistoric feel of the place though. Im not one for trail sanitisation but I feel this could be developed to make it REALLY good. Well worth trying and I would urge you to make up your own mind on this one.
bigmadchris gave this trail about 8 years ago
Really good trail...far more technical than my skills can handle but the bits I did ride were excellent and the rest just needed me to MTFU...really good natural trail. 'Easiest' way up would be up WHW to the damhead and across the dam and down, but it kind of misses out on some cracking natural stuff from the North down to the start.
dickbarton gave this trail about 8 years ago
Excellent route, and some great views from the top of the climb to enjoy while you catch your breath before the descent.
cat89 gave this trail about 8 years ago