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Round the Coyles of Muick

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Fairly easy - i did this on a very windy day, so much so that on the downhill section before the Girnock burn crossing i had to keep pedaling or i would have stopped completely. Views of Lochnagar are fantastic, and there is a fairly chunky double track downhill section towards the end, nothing too technical however watch out for the drainage ruts cut into the track, enough to throw inexperienced riders off if they are going too fast. Deer gate at the bottom was no issue, i was able to lift two bikes over without too much effort however it helped to have someone on the other side to receive them. good fun, great views, not too difficult so a good one to bring inexperienced riders along for their first taste of MTB action.
geordie3rd gave this trail about 1 year ago
Writing this in May 2016, the road at (tag2) has been swept away (on a hairpin bend ) by river flooding, and "Road Closed" signs are in situ. You can easily cut through the trees above to the bridge to continue the ride. It is a great "easy" route. Worth taking time over to fully appreciate the surroundings.
spacehopper gave this trail about 3 years ago
Nice and easy ride, with some decent views n stuff. More a pleasant leisurely day out than a mountain bike route as such.
portydave gave this trail about 7 years ago
A great route for less confident riders or families who wish to get some sense of "true mountain biking" without having to face challenging terrain.
cat89 gave this trail about 8 years ago