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Burma Road Alternative

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Descent had to be aborted do to really bad trail conditions. I was simply not doable (for me at least). Granted it had been raining a few days.
im0 gave this trail about 2 years ago
i would class this descent as more than moderate its very steep not that flowy and pretty technical at the bottom also you have to watch out for the sheep at the bottom. I would usually walk this steep section near to the farm, to help minimise erosion. Its also worth a tramp to the top of Geal Carn Mor to start the descent.
steph gave this trail about 8 years ago
If you get the weather- its worth doing the climb just for the views! The descent is varied, can be peaty, muddy and as you descend more it gets rocky-concetration for keeping the right line required. A technical but superb descent and if you get the chance to lift your eyes up from the trail- good scenery on the way down too!
gav501 gave this trail about 8 years ago
Great way to spend a couple of hours if your time is limited. The descent is great fun and all over too quickly.
wildhighlander gave this trail about 8 years ago