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Car Park
From the south, head up the A1 and turn off towards Rothbury. Go through Rothbury on the B6341 and pass through Thropton. Turn off at Flotterton and head up Greenside Bank to Harbottle then Alwinton

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Small hamlet with a car park (£2 for the whole day), toilets and a nearby pub (Rose and Thistle Inn).

Trails at Alwinton


Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Usway Burn (Middle Route)13.65583 Moderate Hard
Windy Gyle and Usway Burn22.29265 Moderate Hard
Alwinton border ride38.313766 Moderate Hard

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Comments and ratings for Usway Burn (Middle Route)
Possible the easiest climb to Windy Gyle available. Mostly fire road which is great to climb on. Alternative is grassy soft climbs. Great descents from Windy Gyle and be careful as there is a front wh... read whole comment...
mark260171 gave this trail 4 stars about 5 years ago
For an entirely natural trail, this ride has a bit of everything: long, technical climbs; fast singletrack descents; rooty sections with small drops and logs; narrow, twisty technical sections; and fa... read whole comment...
mrkipling22 gave this trail 5 stars about 7 years ago
legolam gave this trail 4 stars about 8 years ago

Usway Burn (Middle Route)

Viewed 1031 times
Length: 13.6 Miles
Ascent: 558 m
Time: 3 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Hard
Av. Trail Rating:
(3 votes so far)
Head up Clennell Street for a loooong, mainly grassy, climb for amazing views over the Cheviots. When you finally get to the top, there's a nice gentle descent, which merges into a much steeper and off camber descent to the Usway Burn. Take the opportunity to have lunch in the valley's shelter here, as the route then climbs back up Middle Hill and over the other side, then spin along the valley next to the burn, crossing it to get to some nice off camber technical rooty singletrack. Can be boggy/muddy in places. "The Ramp" climb follows - an impossible grassy ascent which only the best can clear! An easy descent to the road back into Alwinton follows.
Here is the route guidance for this trail featured as a 'classic route' in mbr magazine:
1. START (GR80/NT919063). Car park, Alwinton (£2 all day)
L out of the car park, cross the bridge and turn L (SP Clennel St). Keep SA on a clear stony track that eventually levels and becomes grassy. Ignore a faint L that drops to a new plantation and continue around, with Kidland Forest on your R, until the track enters the forest. Keep SA, exit the forest for a short while, and then keep L at a major fork to drop back into it. Continue for another 1km and when the forest track veers 90° L, keep SA on a rutted track that heads back onto open moorland.
2. (GRNT879128). Edge of Kidland Forest (9.8km so far)
Keep SA to descend on a steep grassy track to a bridge. Cross this and bear R then L to climb steeply up the field edge to a track junction. Turn L and follow the grassy track over The Middle and down into forestry. Keep L at the fork and drop for 400m to a small bridge on the L. Cross this and turn R to follow the track past a house (Fairhaugh), L onto a broad drive, and then almost immediately fork R off of it (easy to miss), onto a narrow track (waymark post). Follow this through the wood and alongside Usway Burn to Batailshiel Haugh, where it joins a good track. Follow the track down to Shillmoor.
3. (GRNT885078) Shillmoor (18.4km so far)
After the sharp R bend, you drop to a farmyard. Turn L here (don't go onto the road) and go through a gate and over a stream. As the good track starts to climb, fork R off of it (waymark post), onto a grassy track that runs along the wall. Follow this around the hillside, over two small streams, and then climb steeply on a grassy ramp. Keep SA at the top and cross a good track and another burn before descending steeply to the road. Turn L onto the road and descend all the way into Alwinton.
Total distance: 21.8km (13.5mi)
Total ascent: 830m (2,723ft)

The ride starts from the National Park Car Park in Alwinton. Alwinton is around 30 miles north of Hexham and Corbridge and easiest approached from the A696 from Newcastle or the A697 from Morpeth. Rail's really not an option.

Although this isn't a very long ride, it crosses some pretty remote ground so it's well worth checking the weather before starting out. The trails drain reasonably well so recent rain shouldn't be too much of a problem, although there will be the odd muddy section in woods. For maximum fun on the singletrack, ride it when it's dry.

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Comments and ratings for Windy Gyle and Usway Burn
Excellent ride. A bit of everything. Many thanks for the person who posted this. As I would have stayed on fire roads and not ventured as far into the wilderness without a route to follow. A fun d... read whole comment...
alan3114 gave this trail 5 stars about 4 years ago
great day out starts off tough but the rewards soon come in don,t expect to see many people as its remote in place,s
flyingfox57 gave this trail 4 stars about 5 years ago

Windy Gyle and Usway Burn

Viewed 928 times
Length: 22.2 Miles
Ascent: 926 m
Time: 5 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Hard
Av. Trail Rating:
(2 votes so far)
A lovely ride in the Cheviot Hills. It's probably worth doing just for the descent off Windy Gyle down to Trows. It starts off quite rough from the border then turns into a screaming fast smooth grassy grin fest!!

The singletrack along side the Usway Burn is pretty special too. You'll not see many people on this stretch.

All in all a great day out in the hills.

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Comments and ratings for Alwinton border ride

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Alwinton border ride

Viewed 278 times
Length: 38.3 Miles
Ascent: 1376 m
Time: 6 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Hard
Av. Trail Rating:
(0 votes so far)
An epic day out crossing the Scottish border and following the parts of the Pennine Way and moorland tracks to Kirk Yetholm. Lots of climbing and great descents.
Returning back down the valley and back over the border on rough tracks with a lot more climbing.

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