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Car Park
On the Isle of Skye, head north out of Portree on the A855 to Brogaig. At Brogaig turn left onto the road that heads over the hills to Uig. After a couple of hairpins in the road, you'll reach the crest where there is a large layby where you can park. The trail heads north from here.

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This is a spectacular place to ride a bike, with a considerable drop down the hillside on your right for a good part of the route.

You'll be sharing the path with walkers, but as the route is quite technical, you'll not be going at such a high speed so you won't be surprising anyone.

There's a cafe in the village at Brogaig, and sometimes a snack van at the top of the hill where you park. If this car park is full, there is another car park half a mile back down the road you'll have driven up.

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Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
The Quiraing44492.5 Hard Hard

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Amazing scenery but despite being there on a gorgeous sunny day the return section of this route was spoiled by wet slippery conditions and a badly eroded path. If I was riding again here I'd stick t... read whole comment...
belle gave this trail 3 stars about 3 years ago
It was OK to go by foot. By bike only for pro-bikers :). A lot of people is going this circle, there was a lot of big drops and climbs (for me only possibility to walk). Muddy, slippery and a lot of w... read whole comment...
cervmi commented about 3 years ago
Tried this last Monday, ran the route first, just to scope it out, wouldn't bother with going up top, out and back is a good option as the challenges, and views, are different in each direction. Ic... read whole comment...
hiswitsend gave this trail 5 stars about 3 years ago
Had an excellent ride along the Quiraing and back last week whilst on Skye. Decided to not go over the top of the hill as the route suggests as it looked boggy and very wet from below (lots of rain ov... read whole comment...
gazc gave this trail 5 stars about 5 years ago
Quiraing. (Sept 2013) I'm in two minds about this trail. Yes its one of those trails thats on everyone's Bucket list and rightly so. The views, location and nature of the geology make it one of the... read whole comment...
barney gave this trail 4 stars about 7 years ago

The Quiraing

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Length: 4 Miles
Ascent: 449 m
Time: 2.5 hrs
Tech Grade: Hard
Fitness Grade: Hard
Av. Trail Rating:
(7 votes so far)
From the car park, head north onto the path. There are a couple of steps to negotiate at the start but they are easliy managed.

The surface of the path is generally good and hardpacked, offering plenty of grip.

As you approach tag 1 you'll see the path cutting into the face of the hill ahead of you, and the route down from the top of the hill when you're on you're way back.

From tag 1 to 2 you'll get a good idea about what much of this route is like - the trail itself is not terribly difficult, it does have the technical bits here and there, but they are all manageable. What makes it seem more difficult though is the exposure, as there is a very steep drop on your right hand side.

At tag 2 there is one awkward bit where you'll need to get off the bike, jump down onto a ledge, then climb back up the other side. Not so much hill walking as scrambling !

From tag 2 to tag 3 you're riding your bike in an amazing place. The path can be narrow, but it's always grippy, you've got a cliff face above you to the left, and a steep angled drop off to your right. There is also the weird pillars of rock that are the Quiraing themselves looming large in front of you.

Once at tag 3, things calm down a bit, as you lose the slope off to your right, and the path gets a bit flatter, and the surroundings get a bit more grassy.

At tag 4 the path turns sharply upward to get to the top of the cliff face. There's nothing for it here but to get off and push / carry, until you top out at tag 5.

There's a long climb from tag 5 to 6 as you make you're way back towards the start, on the top of the cliffs this time. The path can be wetter and boggier in places up here.

From tag 6 the gradient turns the other way, and it's a general downhill, although you are cutting your way across the hill more and more as you get nearer tag 7. The path can be difficult to find here occasionally, but it's all short grass so it's easy to cycle through.

At tag 7 the path turns directly downhill, so it's quite steep. It does fade away into the grass again, but you can clearly see the path you started out on at tag 1 ahead of you.

Once onto the path turn right and head for the car park, remembering to jump the last step to impress anyone watching you in the car park !

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The first section was interesting due to the impressive scenery but it was difficult to get any consistent period of riding due to narrow paths, obstacles and features. The return section along th... read whole comment...
belle commented about 3 years ago

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