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Venue: Surrey Hills Leith Hill

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Car Park
Probably the best way to approach this car park is from Dorking up Coldharbour lane from Dorking. The lane is quite narrow and is busy with cars/roadies/mtber so be careful. You will need to pass through the village of cold harbour which has a small pub to get to the car park. There is also parking in Coldharbour but this is often full.

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This car park is based in National trust land but is free to all.

It is a good access point for the Surrey hills being just south of the 'peak' of Leith hill. There are trails on all the Hills in this area Leith, Holmbury, Redlands and Pitch hill some being more official than others.

The area is very busy at weekend and has many walkers, ramblers and families so riders need to be aware of that and respectful of other users.

Also there is a high number of MTBer which can put pressure on the trails in bad weather.

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Trail TitleLength (Miles)Ascent (Mtrs)Time (Hrs)Tech GradeFitness Grade
Surrey Hills XC classic18.65813 Moderate Moderate

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Comments and ratings for Surrey Hills XC classic
You forgot to mention that Leith tower has the cakes and is a good place to stop. Amazing views as its the highest point.
james266 commented about 7 years ago
This is a great trail and good all year round riding.
james266 gave this trail 5 stars about 7 years ago
scu98rkr gave this trail 5 stars about 8 years ago

Surrey Hills XC classic

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Length: 18.6 Miles
Ascent: 581 m
Time: 3 hrs
Tech Grade: Moderate
Fitness Grade: Moderate
Av. Trail Rating:
(2 votes so far)
This trail takes in the best of the semi official trails on Leith and Holmbury hills.

Along the route snacks are available from the Leith Hill tower and the shop in Peaslake. There is a pub at Coldharbour were an after ride refreshments can be had.

Ride highlights include Summer lightening, Yoghurt pots, Telegraph Road and Barry Knows Best. No doubt you can easily find a video on you tube explaining why you and I will be hated for enjoying these trails.

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5 Stars

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